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pinkie pie


Rich Lafferty's Journal

(mendelicious mendelusions)

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friends list purge
pinkie pie
I noticed that I hadn't looked at my friends page in weeks or maybe months and so I've done a big friends list purge. Nothing personal if I de-"friended" you -- I wasn't reading anyone anyhow and I want to start again so I scaled it way down.

Hey maybe I'll start posting more. (I keep saying this.)

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Your purged friends list is still significantly larger than my all-inclusive friends list.

Just sayin'.

I've noticed a small but steady increase of writing on my friends list – I guess people have figured out that Facebook and Twitter aren't a replacement for a service like Livejournal.

Yeah, and the Dreamwidth breath-holding/balkanization seems to have settled down a bit too.

(That said, for a long time I've known that the reason I don't post to LJ is that I always tell the stories on IRC first and once I've told them there I don't feel like writing them all out again.)

Ah yes, Dreamwidth – sounds like a great idea, but I don't see a compelling reason to switch.* And I'm all for standards like OpenID, but the first time I tried to comment on Dreamwidth using OpenID, it didn't work at all.

*And even if I wanted to, I still have to dump all my LJ stuff. How many people have done that since the Great Russian Scare of '09 ? Not many, I bet ya.

I miss IRC. You're one of my only IRC buddies that I actually did NOT meet on IRC-- unlike, say, my husband.

Meeting spice on IRC is what all the cool kids do, right? :-)

Although I recall that it was basically just good timing that led us to meet in person before on IRC!

(Wow, I'll have been on IRC for fifteen years this September, and hanging out in the same places for ten of those. That's crazy.)

I think you were trying to hit on Kathleen? It was in the music caf in 1996. Then we found out we had a class together.

i wasn't really reading all that much either, so i removed you too. take care :)

*checks lj friends list*
*sees she made the cut*
*does a happy dance through the living room that scares the dog*

I'm glad I made the cut, because you and nyxie are 2 of the 3 people I "know" in Canadia. ;)

Seeing the other comments re: FB/Twitter, I found they're great for spur of the moment thoughts which I then expand on later via blog/LJ.

And post more, dammit.

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