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The "How Well Do I Really Know My Partner" Quiz

So there is a quiz going around Facebook entitled "How well do you know your partner?". It has a bunch of questions like "What is her shoe size" and "What would she eat every day if she could" and -- my personal favorite -- "Who would she vote for politics?".


But I found it a little facile. I mean, I could answer most of the questions about my coworkers, and I don't know them anywhere near as well as I'd expect to know a partner, assuming they mean "life partner" and not "across the lunchroom table". So I set about doing my own quiz. I haven't included my answers about nyxie here because eyeteeth wanted to see the questions right away, and because I wanted to post this public even though I'll probably post my answers friends-only. Change the pronouns if necessary. Share with your friends!

How Well Do You Really Know Your Partner?

  1. Which book changed in some explicable way the course of her life? How?
  2. She can have dinner with any philosopher, living or dead. She's not allowed to play funny games with the definition of "philosopher". With whom does she sup?
  3. You and your partner are on a lush but isolated and uninhabited island. There is a record player there. What five 7" singles would your partner want to have?
  4. Her RSS feed reader reports that this is her least-read subscription but she can't bear to unsubscribe.
  5. Her blood type, please.
  6. What is her earliest memory?
  7. A runaway train is careening down a mountain. A nearby lever controls a switch in the tracks. If she does nothing, the train will derail and the thirty people aboard will all die. If she pulls the lever, the train will go down a siding that leads uphill, bringing it to a stop with its occupants unharmed -- but there are two men working on the siding, and they will be crushed by the train as a result of her actions. What does she do? Why?
  8. Does she want children? If so, at what point in her life, how many, and what gender(s) would she prefer?
  9. Which Nobel prize (including the The Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel and excluding "Peace") would she prefer to win, and for what accomplishment specifically?
  10. At which age did her birthdays cease to be exciting milestones in growth and begin to mark off the relentless passage of time?
  11. What is her management style?
  12. How does she believe the universe was created, and how does she believe it will end?
  13. Your partner is going to get a 2" tattoo in a visible place by a world-class artist. She will never be able to have the tattoo removed. What is the tattoo? (If your partner has tattoos already: If she were to only have one, in a visible place, etc.)
  14. For which school of architecture does she express the strongest dislike?
  15. What is her greatest regret?

See, that wasn't so bad, was it?

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