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Sunday morning at the Zen Centre

We went back to the Zen Centre this morning! Sunday morning sittings are the more prominent ones -- the trial membership thingy encourages you to make sure you attend a Sunday morning sitting during your trial. This is mostly because more goes on then. The weekday sittings are just zazen and kinhin.

Today we had two half-hour rounds of sitting, followed by listening to a taped teisho by the former abbot of the Centre, Sensei Graef. Usually the current sensei would give the talk, but he's on summer vacation! Today's was about work and ordination and renunciation, and the idea that it's not necessary to become a monk or leave your home to follow the dharma, and how to use your work as practice.

Following that was samu, which is a combination of "near-silent work practice" and "Zen centre chores". One of the residents of the Centre, Vlad, coordinated handing out tasks, and we spend about 45 minutes cleaning the centre, tending to its gardens, and so on. I had a basement hallway and landing to clean, and nyxie had staircases to clean.

At the end of samu, another resident, Guillermo, walked through the centre ringing a bell to signal the end of samu and the beginning of refreshments (the preparation of which was samu for someone!), and a dozen or so who'd stuck around through samu (which is optional!) came down for a light lunch and tea. We met a bunch of people and had some good conversations about Toronto and Ottawa and the Montreal Zen Centre and Jane Jacobs and massage therapy and more -- and it turns out that Vlad, who'd given us our intro talk, is a Unix sysadmin at U of T! Heh.

After that we walked through Bloor West Village and picked up Rasha's x-rays at the vet -- he's going in for an ultrasound for his kidneys tomorrow, more on that later -- and then came home and melted from the heat.

* nyxie is home from the Zen Centre, relaxing, trying to cool off. It's a 'lovely' 37C with the humidex.
coffeechica: convert 37 C to F
ebi: 37 Celsius is 98.6 Fahrenheit.
coffee: that is unpleasant
coffee: .....oh dumbass I can't believe I just did that. lol
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