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wlonkly compatibility layer

So I did that compatibility thing that's been making the rounds. So did everyone else, apparently, because my result is, as it were, hugass.

(Best viewed in the lynx scheme)

nyxie 102%
roy 102%
emmavescence 98%
_descending_ 98%
obra 98%
zeppo 95%
thebubba 95%
lumpy_lia 95%
gally99 95%
dreadedphelix 91%
fweebles 91%
brad 91%
ardently 87%
jessical 87%
gordonzola 84%
citizenx 84%
firewytch 80%
dr_memory 77%
moominmolly 76%
nextproblem 76%
cinamin 76%
brevity 75%
tenaciousg 73%
acerbic 72%
pdcawley 72%
halfjack 71%
rho 69%
voyeurvixen 69%
yumpopstars 69%
q_skud_ 69%
rataxis 66%
coffeechica 66%
tormenta 65%
peculiah 65%
marm0t 60%
reddragdiva 55%
eala_dubh 54%
How compatible with me are YOU?

And there you have it, I guess. No huge surprises except for the handful of people toward the top that I friended a while back using only the criteria "in Ottawa" and "seems cool".

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