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pinkie pie


Rich Lafferty's Journal

(mendelicious mendelusions)

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My work desktop
pinkie pie

coffeechica was wondering what's where on my screen when I was broadcasting earlier, so I took a picture. I couldn't figure out how to take a screenshot of Spaces. screenshot (thanks, geekosaur). Click through and you'll see notes with what window is what.

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At first I thought you had 9 monitors and I decided I hate you. Then I realized it was a Spaces/Expose of 9 virtual desktops, and decided that was ok. Then I realized that you have two monitors, and I decided I only hate you a little bit.

flickr's JS is making FAIL for me these days. So thank you for pointing out that isn't 9 monitors. 9 would have been far far to ... something.

Aha! That's it, thanks. I was trying a command-shift-4 and clicking on the Spaces background, which got me... the Spaces background with no application windows in it.

I've always wondered about the ergonomics of multiple screens. Working for an extended period with your neck twisted slightly to the left or right is not a good idea. Or does one move the chair over? Or is there always a screen dead center where work gets done and the other is doco, tailing logs?

I might pull out my old CRT and see what dual screens is like under X.org.

I never liked using two screens for regular work. Right now, my main screen (my iMac) is right in front of me, and the second screen, despite the screenshots, is way over in the corner of my desk. It usually just has munin graphs or nagios's tactical view or the phone system status diagram on it, so I just glance over there and In that role it works pretty well, not much different from looking out the window (also over there). Having it at a different focal distance is actually kind of nice on the eyes.

When I need to work in Windows it's not usually more than to test one thing, so that's fine too.

If you look at this picture, my iMac is in the same place, but the second monitor replaced the lamp behind the phone.

Whoa. I don't think my brain could handle that much STUFF at once.

Not sure my compy could, either.

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