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pinkie pie


Rich Lafferty's Journal

(mendelicious mendelusions)

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How To Care For Introverts
pinkie pie

ETA: Also, Caring For Your Introvert.

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as for the list -

numbers 1 & 2 - well duh, I think everyone likes to be treated like this.

3 just seems intelligent regardless of whether you're an ex or int (lazy typing).

...actually, this whole list...I think what's bothering me about the whole thing is that extravertedness (new word?) is being equated with dumb people, or insensitivity.

Just because I'm an extrovert doesn't mean I enjoy six hour meetings or embarrassing people in public *pouts and folds arms*.

Okay, I'm back, now with better articulation of what bugs me about all this - the article only addresses the two EXTREMES of introversion/extraversion. It seems to indicate that introverts never want to be anywhere near other people, ever, and never want to hear anyone say anything, ever, unless it is directly relevant; and that extroverts are like five year olds, always requiring attention.

-1 Overrated ;-)

This was my reaction to it as well -- I actually saw it as parody of a "how to treat someone who's different from you". Answer: with the basic respect all people deserve. :-)

Yes! Well said :D Much better than my ranting.

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