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pinkie pie


Rich Lafferty's Journal

(mendelicious mendelusions)

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Weekend in review
pinkie pie
Yay, productive weekend!

- Talked to the vet: Rasha's UTI is finally gone (after several months of trying). I already suspected this because he's a much more energetic cat now. Unfortunately, his blood pressure is still high, so we're doubling his antihypertension medication to see if that'll help.

- I went to my first yoga class on Saturday at Octopus Garden, just down the street from us. Today I am sore. Yoga is awesome. I can't wait to go back.

- I sold my bass to a 12-year-old (well, to his parents) that lives down the street from us, who recently outgrew his 1/2-size. I can't think of a better home for it, and I have not one drop of "I wish I hadn't sold it" even though I've had it for 15 years and it saw me through university. It was the wrong instrument for me and now I can use the proceeds towards a celllo.

- nyxie and I planned on going to Nuit Blanche but decided to stay in, and watched Attack of the The Eye Creatures instead. They just didn't care. (coffeechica, you've got me hooked.)

- I moved my websites back to nginx from apache, since I had a couple of out-of-memory situations recently and I can control that better with nginx and php-fastcgi. This time I've got thttpd serving plain CGI, which was a problem I hadn't quite solved last time around. Tempted to port FreshBooks to nginx next time there's a hackoff at work.

- I finally put our car up for sale, after a year of not quite getting around to it. Seriously, this has been a major issue for me for the whole time we've been here. I'm not sure why I had so much trouble, but it's up there now. I think selling the bass helped.

- Bought an oil-filled electric space heater for $25 at a discount store, and it turned out to be a much nicer model than the floor model -- programmable with a digital thermostat instead of manual with a knob thermostat.

- Caught up completely on laundry, and put away my summer clothes and unpacked my winter clothes.

- Sat zazen for half an hour (the Zen Centre didn't have a morning sitting today) and practiced cello for an hour or so, and read another couple chapters of To Know Yourself, written by the sensei at the Montreal Zen Centre. I bought that book when I nearly became a member then, but my practice wasn't far enough along to really find it engaging -- and now it is!

- Gave the kitchen a good top-to-bottom cleaning. When I went to go out to the deck to give the rug a shake, I managed to accidentally corner a very angry raccoon. O hai mister coon.

I'm exhausted, but it's an accomplished kind of exhaustion. All that's left is to give Rasha his fluids and then I can flop.

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i've been meaning to get back into a yoga class since i moved to the annex. i know there are a lot of studios in the neighbourhood. perhaps i'll check out octopus too?

yay for rashacat!

have you used lighttpd? i've used it for some simple content-serving purposes, but i hear a lot of good stuff about nginx. i should look at it sometime.

If you want plain old yoga (although nyxie says it might be more ashtanga than hatha, it's hard to tell from the beginner classes) then Octopus would be a good bet. It seems like 80% of the yoga studios around here are bikram (hot yoga).

I've played with lighttpd. The first time I had my personal stuff running on nginx was from an experiment in which I tried out a bunch of alternative webservers of which lighty was one. For some reason I stuck with nginx. I definitely prefer nginx's configuration syntax. It's that vague "elegance" thing, I think.

cool. yeah i don't want to do hot yoga...

ohh i'm glad your kitty is feeling better.

your car ad is awesome! you should write ads for a living, seriously. i feel like i need to buy it.

i sprained my knee doing yoga. of course, i just sprained my wrist walking down a zagreb sidewalk so don't mind me i guess.

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