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pinkie pie


Rich Lafferty's Journal

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lazyweb: help me choose an iphone plan!
pinkie pie
Okay, I'm giving in and finally getting an iPhone. A 3GS, for sure, and probably 32GB.

My current phone is a PAYG Virgin Mobile RAZR. It calls and texts and that's about it, and it costs me about ten bucks a month. And because I'm currently paying about ten bucks a month for a cellphone, EVERY iPhone plan seems ridiculously expensive at first glance.

I'm leaning towards Fido rather than Rogers because they seem to have friendlier packages: unlimited text messages, and evening rates that start at 7pm instead of 9pm. I'm not sure if I want 500MB of data or 1GB, and if I go with 1GB, if I want their 500-minute $80/mo iPhone plan, or their 350-minute $65 voice/data plan with $10 Visual Voicemail. Or maybe there's some reason why I shouldn't go with Fido? I used them long ago and liked them well enough, and nyxie is with them now and planning on staying, and I don't have Rogers internet or TV and won't be in the foreseeable future.

I'm ignoring Bell and Telus's upcoming iPhone introduction because I don't want to be the early adopter of their new 3G network, and because you can only use 3G with them, and I'd like to keep the option of turning 3G off to conserve battery life.

Anyhow, I know a gazillion people reading this have already gone through this, so: Advise me on Canadian iPhone plans, how much data I will reasonably need, and stuff like that! (Please.)

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Why bother getting a smart phone and not getting an unlimited data plan? I think Vicki and I used 700Mb on our first month on our shared unlimited data plan, and that's with having Wifi access both at home and at work.

You're in the US, aren't you. ;)

Canadian cellphone prices, and ESPECIALLY data prices, will shock you.

Here's an example, from fido.ca:

500 MB of Internet access $25
1 GB of Internet access $30
3 GB of Internet access $60
5 GB of Internet access $80

With those sorts of prices, I think I'd buy a cheap do-nothing phone and keep my iPod Touch as my primary portable network device, and learn where to find wifi.

What about waiting for Fido to run a sale on data plans again? I have 6gb for $25. Though, FWIW, I've never topped 200mb usage in a month (I've had it since July). That's iwth pretty extensive email/facebook/LJ/Twitter usage, and I'm almost never on WiFi with it (my iPhone doesn't like my home Wifi network, and usually when I'm using it in that capacity there's no wifi around or I just get lazy and don't bother connecting to it).

I don't do a lot of downloading (music, apps etc) or Youtube over the 3g network though. So I'm not sure if my data usage is realistic.

If you actually talk to a rep they might be able to bend some rules to get you a kickass plan.

350 minutes would be more than enough for me, but it depends on how often you talk on the phone. I don't really like communicating that way and prefer text/email anyway, so I'm usually under 100 minutes a month.

Let me know if you have any questions! I agonised over this decision for a while so I know what it's like :)

Also I've dropped my iPhone probably five times and it still works fine. I'd suggest getting a case though, stupid thing is slippery.

Also also, Google Maps + GPS ROCKS. I can't even tell you how useful that was when Alex & I were in Montreal/NYC - "how far is it from here to Schwartz's? Oh it's just five blocks that way" etc. SO AWESOME.

Totally not relevant to your current discussion, but once you actually have the device: I posted about iPhone Fu (LJ version).


My experience with Canadian cell phone providers is limited to the fact that one of the users on my friends list occasionally posts the phone number to call if you want to cancel Fido, since that's apparently made nearly impossible.

But if you're already satisfied with them in other respects, that data point probably won't matter much.

You don't really have any choices. Fido/Rogers are the same company and their prices are pretty much the same.

Your best bet is to get on the phone with Rogers and see what kind of deal you can squeeze out of them. You'll have to pay whatever rate there is for the voice and data plans, but you might be able to get them to throw in unlimited texts, voicemail, or earlier "evening" calling period.

If you drop that you might just wait for Telus, you might get further.

i'm on fido with my iPhone 3G. i've been with fido for over 6 years and i've been reasonably happy with them, although their pricing and other terms have worsened since rogers acquired them. on the other hand, their customer service still seems better than rogers, from what i've heard from rogers subscribers.

i'm a heavy data user and i haven't exceeded 200MB a month either, except for last month, when i had to use tethering for all my laptop connectivity one weekend (staying at a friend's place out of town with no broadband). only then did i exceed 1GB, and i was sharing my connection over wifi with my friend that whole weekend too.

note that my iPhone is on wifi when i'm home.

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