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lazyweb: help me choose an iphone plan!

Okay, I'm giving in and finally getting an iPhone. A 3GS, for sure, and probably 32GB.

My current phone is a PAYG Virgin Mobile RAZR. It calls and texts and that's about it, and it costs me about ten bucks a month. And because I'm currently paying about ten bucks a month for a cellphone, EVERY iPhone plan seems ridiculously expensive at first glance.

I'm leaning towards Fido rather than Rogers because they seem to have friendlier packages: unlimited text messages, and evening rates that start at 7pm instead of 9pm. I'm not sure if I want 500MB of data or 1GB, and if I go with 1GB, if I want their 500-minute $80/mo iPhone plan, or their 350-minute $65 voice/data plan with $10 Visual Voicemail. Or maybe there's some reason why I shouldn't go with Fido? I used them long ago and liked them well enough, and nyxie is with them now and planning on staying, and I don't have Rogers internet or TV and won't be in the foreseeable future.

I'm ignoring Bell and Telus's upcoming iPhone introduction because I don't want to be the early adopter of their new 3G network, and because you can only use 3G with them, and I'd like to keep the option of turning 3G off to conserve battery life.

Anyhow, I know a gazillion people reading this have already gone through this, so: Advise me on Canadian iPhone plans, how much data I will reasonably need, and stuff like that! (Please.)
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