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pinkie pie


Rich Lafferty's Journal

(mendelicious mendelusions)

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Birthday report!
pinkie pie
So I got a year younger today.

Somehow, earlier this year I'd completely convinced myself that I was 35, I think because all of the post-MBA stuff had me talking about being "in my mid-30s" and that sort of became "exactly halfway through my 30s" in my head. So today I turned 34, and since I was 35 before, that means I got younger today. It all makes perfect sense if you are me.

Today was a good day: I took the day off work as I usually try to do, but unlike most November 9thses it was about 20 C (68 F) so I was able to do things like "relax in the sun on Starbucks patio". I also went for a manicure and pedicure. They were fine, kind of awkward during* and not really worth the money but my feet feel all SOFT. And I read a lot and played with my just-jailbroken iPhone and bought some underwear. This is the crazy kind of guy I am.

As for presents: nyxie and I got each other iPhones for our birthdays. Cheating? Yes, happily. Mom called tonight to ask if nyxie and I want to share a present of a Wii -- YES OK YAY :D Dad and Golda are coming down on Saturday to take the two of us out for our birthdays dinner; since nyxie is still gluten-free vegan, we're going to Fressen, which will be slightly outside of Dad and Golda's comfort zone (but very tasty!) so it should be a fun experience!

As for how things are going: Quite well! At this point I feel back on track. (Two years ago on my birthday I'd just left the MBA and was trying to figure out what to do with myself so it's not hard to improve on.)


About that manicure and pedicure:

Paying a woman tending to my feet hit all sort of classism and sexism alarms for me, which is probably one of the reasons I didn't enjoy it much! Earlier today I was mentioning this to eyeteeth and I said "I should've done something like a Thai massage instead" and she called me on that, wondering why Thai massage didn't hit the same buttons. Part of it is that there's taboos around the feet, and the genderedness, and that Thai massage (or, as I call it, "having yoga done to you") doesn't have the "frivolous luxuries" aura that a pedicure, especially a boy pedicure, does.

But generally I guess I mean I didn't really enjoy it that much because of all the layers involved.

That said, I went to 10 Spot, an "anti-spa" on Queen West -- I think I expected it to be more "anti-" and less "spa" but I realize in retrospect that if it were more "anti-" then its clientele wouldn't be getting pedicures and manicures. (It was also nearly empty which was not really conducive to first-time comfort.)

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Yeah, I know what you mean about the uncomfortableness of having a pedicure. It's that whole foot thing, like, the feet are less worthy so having someone tend to them feels different than having someone tend to, say, one's hair. But it's good to hear that you had a nice birthday!

ohhh i knew your birthday was yesterday and i forgot to give you a shoutout!

happy belated birthday!!! glad you had a good one.

i've been getting mani/pedis for years and i went through the same thoughts. keep in mind it's nice to keep your hands and feet tended too and people do make their living doing it. it's all about how you treat them while they are working. i go to a very friendly little shop where if anyone is being ignored it's ME! haha i don't speak the language!

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