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an irc moment

[4:50] substitute: Conrad, kick off the holiday shopping season with your PayPal Buyer Credit account and you could win $1,000!
[4:50] substitute: FUCK YOU
[4:50] zebulon_y: hahaha
[4:50] zebulon_y: Subject: All the avarice of last year with twice the desperation
[4:51] substitute: 88% interest on eBay shit that never arrives
[4:51] zebulon_y: Subject: We're all chained to a doomed wheel but we hope you're stupid enough to give us money
[4:51] zebulon_y: Subject: So this Marx guy was right, who knew
[4:52] zebulon_y: Subject: Shop smart and SAVE with an unfettered plutocracy
[4:53] zebulon_y: Subject: The housing crisis is totally over, for real!!! Apply now for low 79% financing with approved credit and donation of stem cells!
[4:55] substitute: Subject: Your screams will fall on uncaring ears in the bottomless dungeons of MasterCard, because the best things in life for free; for everything else, there's MasterCard.
Tags: all of the avarice, chatlog, irc, twice the desperation

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