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Crosstown traffic

For Toronto folks:

What's the best way for me to get from Glencairn or Eglinton West station to Eglinton station at evening rush hour carrying a cello? I need to get there just before 6. My goals are: consistent time (better it take 45 minutes every time than 30 minutes some days and 60 others), speed, and ease of carrying said cello around.

It looks like my possibilities are:
  • Eglinton bus

  • YUS line from Glencairn all the way to Eglinton, via Union

  • YUS line to St George, Bloor line to Yonge, YUS line to Eglinton

  • YUS line to St Clair West, streetcar to St Clair, YUS line to Eglinton

  • Glencairn bus to Davisville, YUS line to Eglinton

I've been doing "Eglinton bus" but it sure gets crowded and the variability depending on traffic and how long a pee break the driver takes at Eglinton West means that I can end up arriving really early.

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