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Walking on air

First off, apologies for disappearing for so long. Things have been pretty busy, and then last week I was on vacation and spending minimal time in front of computers (and lots of time down in the Market sipping lattes at Timothy's and reading crime novels and Foucault -- yay for cheap vacations!)

So you may remember that nyxie and I recently went out to meet for coffee and cake. I didn't expect anything to come of it then, but things got a bit flirty on IRC, and last Wednesday was our official First Date.

12 hours and one downpour later it seemed pretty clear that things were working out well between us. Best first date EVAR.

Of course, things are never simple: she has only recently broken up with her previous boyfriend, and is still living in their old apartment (he's staying at a friend's place). To avoid the empty apartment full of memories blues, we ended up spending the weekend together. And, yeah, we're a thing now.

Things are working out so incredibly well that even my pessimist side is having a hard time complaining. The whole initial awkwardness just never happened at all -- I feel like I've known her for a long time, we're finishing each other's sentences, and we just keep finding compatibility after compatibility -- but not so much that it's not interesting. It's just comfortable. And god knows I've got the awkwardness thing down to an art form. I'm still floating along a couple inches off the ground. Also: cute. Way cute.

So all told I'm a pretty happy mendel right now -- the happiest I've been in a long time, in fact. Eeeeeee. I hope this never stops.


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