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embroidery update

So far so good! I've been practicing on my own handwriting, and learned some things -- that I need to use a smaller needle, for instance, and that two-strand whipped backstitch seems to be the right weight and slubbiness for what I want to do.

I also found a frame! This is great because all of the places where I thought I'd be able to find a nice wabi-sabi-ish frame didn't pan out. I found this one in a French home decor store, Chatelet, where it had a little rubber-stamp Eiffel Tower in it. I felt kind of silly buying it just for the frame, but then it turned out the stamp was on the back of the original sample photo, so now I don't know if they were selling it just for the frame! Here's a corner so you can see the distressed effect:

And after writing out the gatha about 108 times, I finally have a version that I think I'll use as a pattern:

It's a composite of two copies -- the first two lines are from one, and the bottom four from the other. I think I'll make a photocopy and cut out all the lines individually, and re-align them to fix a couple of problems -- the gap between the "birth and death" and "slips quickly by" lines, and the last line not being lined up. I think I'll move it up a little, too.

Your input on the pattern is welcome, especially before I start using it :-) Too messy?
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