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pinkie pie


Rich Lafferty's Journal

(mendelicious mendelusions)

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so that was christmas
So Christmas is done, except for our delayed part with Mom and Jim -- we're meeting up with them on Jan 2, since they'll be in Belleville that day anyhow, instead of us heading all the way down to Ottawa or them heading all the way here.

It was a nice peaceful one this year: the 25th was just nyxie and Rasha and I. We did our gift exchangeything in the morning and cooked tofurkey and boozy sweet potatoes and Brussels sprouts and pumpkin pie in the evening, and it was a good relaxing day.

nyxie liked her presents from me (or so she says, but I think she means it): a singing bowl, a Nike+iPod doohickey to track her running progress, a Cow Hugger shirt from Herbivore, Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar, and of course my embroidery project which she loved and put up right away by the door. Yay!

And I got spoiled in return: a yoga mat bag from these folks, stripey but not as bright as the one that's there right now, and some of the proceeds of which went to greyhound rescue; a tub of my favorite moisturizer and a new face wash to go with it; a two-year subscription to Spacing; a big bag of treats (vegan marshmallows, fancy chocolates and hot chocolate from Stubbe, and more); a sketchbook and set of drawing pencils since I've been mumbling about learning to draw for a while; and this Herbivore t-shirt (heh! we loves us some Herbivore) as well as the first issue of their now-defunct magazine and these buttons which I will actually illustrate here for awesomeness' sake:

On the 26th we visited Dad and Golda and my brothers and sisters in Belleville. It was a smaller Christmas there this year, just Dad, Golda, us kids and their others, and my uncle Bud. Candice and I both got gift cards for the Eaton Centre -- one of which we think is going to go towards a sewing machine, and the other which we'll split between us for whatever we want separately -- and some little things. Sarah and Adam got me a little window herb garden, Kyle got Candice and I a couple of these awesome bowls, and Kieran got me an LCBO gift card (which is what we got Kieran, too, heh.)

We got to Belleville in an Autoshare car-sharing car, which was the first time we'd taken a long trip. It worked out great! Once you hit 8 hours or so you're on their "per-day" rate anyhow so we had as much time as we needed.

And now I've got the rest of baunchmas off! I'm back at work on the 4th. After a crazy December it'll be nice to have some time to do nothing.

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merry christmas!!!

i LOVE the corndog buttons, the tshirt and that bowl!!!

btw, if you haven't already you should check out this vegan cookbook.


my friend wrote it and it's full of great recipes and ideas.

Is nyxie allergic to dairy or vegan by choice? Just curious... I have a dairy allergy and am always on the lookout for good cookbooks that have lots of information about substitutions.

She's allergic to cow dairy, eggs, and gluten (all discovered recently), and I'm approximately lactose-intolerant. But we're both tending towards vegan on compassionate grounds at the same time, too.

Mostly we use soy or almond milk for baking and day-to-day, although she's fine with goat dairy and I'm fine with cheese in general so we can get by with goatzerella or chevre for cheesy things.

(Are you allergic to all dairy, or just cow? It's apparently unusual for cow dairy allergies to be goat dairy allergies too.)

My allergy is so mild, its hard to tell if I'm allergic to just cow or all dairy. I have never tried goat, and I'm quite satisified drinking soy milk and cutting out that other stuff most of the time. I've also tried soy sour cream, which isn't bad, and I've heard that soy cheese flavoured loaf is an acquired taste but I haven't tried to acquire it yet. :)

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