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pinkie pie


Rich Lafferty's Journal

(mendelicious mendelusions)

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Google text ad previewer
pinkie pie
This Google Blog post lets you see what text ads Google AdSense would serve with your website. Much fun to be had.

I'm not sure what I should think of my results. (There was nothing there yet for "mendel.livejournal.com", just "wlonkly").

Four ads for charities means it didn't have anything specific for you.

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All my sites just get charities --- American Cancer Society, Peace Corps, etc.

All your sites have nearly-blank title pages! :-) I also have a suspicion that low-pageranked pages get the charity ads, which Google is probably running for free. My own website has a strangely high pagerank, but I think that's because I keep my URL in my .signature and post to mailing lists -- the mailing lists are linked to from high-pagerank sites, and I'm linked to from the mailing lists, so I'm somehow important.

A while ago I discovered that those charity ads aren't necessarily apropos as default ads.

Mine too, with the exception of my LiveJournal pages--which end up all serving up Everquest ads(!?). I have never even played it, yet still dislike it.

It seems to think http://journal.callete.com/ should have a DuckDuckGifts ad, whereas http://asciident.livejournal.com/ should have all the charity ads.

Funny, as they go to the same place.

IHNJ, IJLS "DuckDuckGifts".

It's a bad thing when all of your potential ads are for HerbalLife, right?

Yes, yes, I do believe it is.

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