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musical attention span: update

A quick update on my previous post:

First, leolo raised a good point in the comments that since I'm renting I ought to take advantage of the ability to return it and then rent again later if necessary without there being any kind of finality to doing so.

And at dinner with nyxie the other night I had a couple of eerie moments of clarity:

The first is that I have about the same number of classical, jazz, and folk CDs (and equivalents), but that I hardly ever listen to jazz (no surprise, got a little burned out on jazz when I got burned out on bass), and I only occasionally listen to classical, but I listen to folk all the time -- and that while I've ripped every folk CD I have, I've barely started on the classical and jazz.


The second was a great little revelation: As a joke I said "I could play banjo instead!" and I realized, huh, I probably would enjoy owning a banjo more than owning a cello. Cello's been very rewarding but it's not exactly fun, I suppose.

So yeah, I think I'm going to wait another few weeks in case I change my mind, and then back goes the cello. (No, I'm not buying a banjo right away. But for perspective, the price of a decent cello could get me a banjo and a new flute and still have some left over. Hmm again!)

And just so this isn't all about me: Is it a grand gesture to anonymously give a woman I think is beautiful a banjo?

hay eyeteeth if you wanted to link to the "eerie moment of clarity" comic in the comments you'd make a happy mendel
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