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pinkie pie


Rich Lafferty's Journal

(mendelicious mendelusions)

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news from the world of freshbooks
pinkie pie
Ok, the practical part first: FreshBooks is hiring a lot of technical-type positions, and in particular I'm looking for a junior-to-intermediate sysadmin. If you know anyone who might be interested and who can work out of our Toronto office, send them to me!

Crazy FreshBooks thing #2: I just realized that I am now non-executive employee #5 here. (We've had a couple people who started before me leave -- I was #9 when I started.) #5 of 40 or so! Wow.

And while I was counting, I realized that my bio is way, way out of date:

Rich is our systems and network infrastructure guy, keeping the webservers and databases running smoothly. Rich has spent the past decade honing his skills with Web applications on open-source platforms, and recently moved with his wife from Ottawa to Toronto in order to get closer to the heart of Canada's Internet industry. In his free time, he blogs, plays the cello and Irish flute, and throws rocks at houses.
We didn't just move here, I don't curl anymore, I don't have the cello anymore. I need a new bio! Anyone feel creative? I can't promise to use what you suggest but I just might...

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I am confounded by the constraint that at least some of it has to be true....

Ok we're working on this, dammit!

Rich is in charge of making sure our webservers and databases keep running smoothly, in spite of whatever the developers can throw at him (kidding, kidding!). [some other line about his background in IT]. He has a penchant for things that are long, including long cats, long dogs, and longboards. When he's not at the computer, he can be found cycling around the city, playing guitar or the Irish flute, or sitting on a patio somewhere.

Other suggested things to stick in there:

Bad jokes :p

Like his favorite animal, the octopus, Rich -- the latest in a long line of ruddy, misspelled Irish Canadians -- is highly intelligent and likes to play with toys. This led him to a career in IT. When he's not making sure our webservers and databases are running smoothly he can be found cycling, playing a variety of instruments, or fighting with his wife and cat over who gets the papasan chair.

Rich is in charge of getting yelled at when our webservers and databases break, which is actually quite rare as his other job is making sure they run smoothly.

Wait, you get to decrement your employee hire count when people leave? You are way out there dogg.

I'm still hire #9, but I'm also the 5th-longest tenure. :-)

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