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Buck 65 at Nathan Phillips Square

Happy Canada Day!

We didn't do much Canada Day stuff today. I think I overdosed in Ottawa and now it's just a day off. We did, however, swing by Nathan Phillips Square this afternoon for a free Buck 65 concert. I recorded a few tunes.

It was a bit of a weird show -- he didn't have a DJ, and his stage presence is a bit unusual, and it was daytime on a stage at the end of a row of vendor booths, a really weird little setup. Still fun for free though.

I've got tomorrow off too (yay, four-day weekend)! nyxie is going to the 6 AM sitting at the Zen Centre. I am not because that means getting up around 4.

Right, so, Buck 65. Sorry about the glare on the first video, I didn't realize that I'd have to block the sun until the second one.

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