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Hey folks, remember me?

So being back on standard time and reading this MetaFilter thread got me thinking about sleeping, and how this year I am determined to kick melatonin's ASS and not feel like my internal clock is broken all winter. Plan #1 is vitamin D. Plan #2, I was considering light therapy, and then from there I found a nifty little online test:

The Automated Morningness-Eveningness Questionnaire asks 19 questions and figures out when your melatonin kicks in and thus your "natural bedtime". For both nyxie and I it came up with a reasonable answer so I think it's not completely made up, at least.

What's funny is that it told me my natural bedtime was 12:45 AM and nyxie's is 10:45 PM! No wonder we've had disagreements in the past about bedtime and about me sleeping in.

Although it's a funny thing: I always felt like nyxie thought I was being lazy and irresponsible by staying up late and sleeping in, and I felt she was being a keener getting up early and going to bed early (especially the morning sittings at the zen centre, which start at 6am). But now that we have SCIENCE! on our side, it's easier to go "Oh, hey, look, we're different like that" and not value-judge and stuff.

Anyhow go apply SCIENCE! to your sleepin' if you want. Note that it tells you you're an UNHOLY FREAK* if you tend to get up in the PMs and go to bed in the AMs.

* well actually it just says that your results might not be correct but still

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