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Whoa it's been a while. I should post here more. And here, and here, and...

Anyhow, let me tell you about the cat.

So Rasha, he of the swiss cheese kidneys, crashed a little while ago, and so we took him into the vet for a couple days of IV fluids. He's doing well again now, don't worry! But he's getting more subcutaneous fluids, which he doesn't mind TOO much, and he's on a new medication, Thera-K, a potassium gluconate suspension in a viscous beef-flavoured liquid.

I noticed that he's resisting his medication a bit more ever since we started the Thera-K, which I attributed to him being annoyed at the sheer volume of liquid he has to take twice a day. So it was time for a refill and I had the vet call it in to the local compounding pharmacy, who gave us: GIANT CAPSULES -- size 0 or 1, I think. Usually cats get size 4 or 5.

Seriously, these are like 2cm long. There is no way you are going to get this into a cat. Do they even know what a cat looks like? They're pretty small!

Potassium gluconate is big but not that big: 234.246 g/mol, 1.73 g/cm3, and Rasha needs 2mmol twice daily, so that's 0.27 cm3, which would've fit into a #3 caplet which is cat size. I don't know why there's so much more stuff in these.

So now I have two weeks = $50 of these that I can't use. Luckily I've got some Thera-K left to hold us over. But the pharmacy can't use the caplets to make a suspension, so I'm going to have to figure out some way to get this into the cat because I don't want to just throw them away. I'm nervous about mixing it with his food because it's really important that he eat well and I don't want to make him suspicious of it (although he did eat his food laced with liquid Thera-K last night, silly cat.) I could make a suspension myself, in water or chicken broth, but then I'm not confident that the dosage will be right. I could mix one caplet at a time with 1ml of water, but still I'd worry about underdosing.

Stupid giant cat pills.
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