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The house hunt has begun!

Woo-hoo, we're house-hunting!

For the last little while, nyxie and I have been keeping an eye on the Toronto housing market on MLS, and a couple of weeks ago we met with a mortgage broker for pre-approval. We've been taking with a buyer's agent but scheduling has kept us from meeting her so far.

And then this weekend we checked out some open houses... and fell in love with the first house we looked at! Augh! That's not how this is supposed to work.

It's a semi-detached house in the top end of the Junction Triangle, on Osler north of Dupont. The current owners seem to have been renovating from the basement up -- the basement is done, the main floor has had a kitchen addition and reno at some point and has planning permission for another 300 feet off the back (!), and the upstairs is painted wood paneling and old but beautiful wood floors.

Here's the realtor's Youtube slideshow:

and here's the MLS listing. It's been on the market for a month, originally listed at $439,000 then $419 and now $399.

So we looked at a couple other places that day and didn't like either, which makes me feel a little bit better about loving this place -- it's not that we're just excited about house-hunting, it was this specific house.

It even has a weird little room upstairs, not shown in the slideshow, that's 7' x 4.5' -- both nyxie and I went in and immediately said "A zendo!". (A meditation mat is about 2'8" square.)

So we have one limit that's slowing down our "let's buy the first house we looked at" urge: the reason we haven't met our agent in person yet is that she's on vacation this week, and next week nyxie is on retreat at the zen centre. So we're leaving it up to fate for now; if it's still on the market a week this Friday we'll set up a showing, if not, oh well, on to the next cute house.

Fingers crossed!
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