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So uh hi there everyone, long time no see?

So I've got this theory where I think it'd be good for me to just write about stuff that's going on here, not capital-B Blog capital-P Posts, not trying to write for a particular audience, just, you know... journaling. Sounds simple, but DAMNED IF I COULD EVER DO IT BEFORE EH SO WHO KNOWS

Anyhow, sorry I disappeared.

It feels like everything and nothing has happened since I was posting here last (which would've been around when we got the house). We lost Rasha in June -- even though he had failing kidneys, the poor guy must've had some brain or nervous system issues, because he had lost most of his control of his front legs, and when he lost control of his bladder we decided it was time.

I'm still at FreshBooks, I'm definitely a manager-type now, with three people on my team reporting to me. We're in the process of moving from our current 9,000 square feet into a new 21,000 sq ft office (!) and they've made me the project manager for the construction (it's an empty industrial shell right now) and the move which is totally paralyzing and crushing but also a pretty awesome challenge and responsibility too, but boy howdy will I be glad when the move is done.

I'm still practicing at the zen centre, more and more seriously by the day. I've done a couple more sesshins but the office move makes it hard to take a week off incommunicado right now. There's a seven-day working person's sesshin at the end of March, where you are allowed to leave the centre during the day for work, and we should be moved by then so I'm looking forward to that one.

The house is totally homey these days. nyxie has some recent pictures. I'm sitting in the office RIGHT NOW in fact.

And we're in the process of adopting more cats! These two, Stacey and Stella. Just working out the logistics of getting them from their foster home in Kitchener to here.

Also I'm totally obsessed with the new My Little Pony. This is the first time I've been deep into a fandom. Aren't I just the cutest?

Anyhow, nice to be back, sorry I went away!

(By the way, what's the state of the LJ/DW thing these days, anyhow? Have a bunch of people I used to read moved over there, or is everyone still here, or what's up?)

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