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pinkie pie


Rich Lafferty's Journal

(mendelicious mendelusions)

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Is there a square for "self-depreciation"?
pinkie pie
Via damned_colonial:
Hipster Bingo.

I was pleased to discover that I did not complete a row myself.

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I only got 2 squares total (okay, 3 with the free square). :P

I, um. Well. 6 or 7, or 8 if you include stuff I plan on picking up soon.

confidential to substitute: not emo

*looks back over bingo squares*

Um, nope, I'm still just gonna be at the 2. :P

And that trucker hat and ski vest are so you. :-)

Thought I should use this icon somewhere in this thread. (3 there alone! Shame you can't see the shoes.)

You are so dang cute. *mwah*

I only managed two, including the free square. I really think they sabotaged it by putting MHL and PBR in an interesecting path.

I'm not cool enough for PBR, of course.

two pairs of shoes, one hat, one digital camera. i'm safe.

(Deleted comment)
When I turn 31 next month I'll be up to five...

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