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pinkie pie


Rich Lafferty's Journal

(mendelicious mendelusions)

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hi fish!
pinkie pie

I have fish!

nyxie brought her 10-gallon aquarium over from her old place yesterday. It's the perfect size for the kitchen counter, although I imagine we'll move it out into the living room once it gets a bit better furnished. (Augh, furniture. Still no progress, sigh. Bedroom might come first anyhow.)

We need more fish, though -- planning maybe a couple of hatchetfish, a betta, and some sort of algae-eater. I want angelfish, but we really need a bigger tank to have room for two angelfish to thrive. Of course, I'm already planning on where the 40-gallon will go, and the cichlid tank, and the 100-gallon saltwater, and...

Rasha hasn't noticed the fish yet, because the counter is still crowded with stuff. It'll be interesting to see how he reacts. Mouse won't find out, because she never gets on the counter -- Rasha's only allowed to use it for transit to atop the cupboards, and Mouse has never really been intrested in that.

Speaking of furniture, I cannot find a couch I like anywhere. The Danbo at Ikea is a great shape, except it's black. I don't think I want a black couch -- there's already going to be a couple of Delta chairs in there and too much black is unfriendly.

Also trying to find a "tv stand" that isn't -- essentially I want a 1" thick birch-finish tabletop with industrial casters, with the TV at one end, then a small gap, then the receiver and DVD player. Can't figure out where to get the tabletop though, although Ikea does the separate-table-and-legs thing -- but they're too deep. Might be able to get one of those and cut to fit, with the raw edge facing away.

Bedroom is done except for the buying though, lots of Ikea -- a Malm bed and Haddal dresser (but the taller 4-drawer one) to start with and then go from there.

Speaking more of furniture, nyxie and I went neighbourhood-shopping today, the necessary precursor to apartment-shopping. My place is too much "my place" and not enough "our place" and I don't think that will be easy to fix, and we'd like to get away from the parkway and more in a neighbourhood, but finding the sort of thing we like (mostly, something that isn't an old brick square with tiny windows) is proving tricky. The idea of "our place" is still pretty weird to me too, but I'm getting over that fast enough. (For Ottawa people: Looking at Westboro or Hintonburg, I think. You can see my taste in furniture and map it to an apartment.)

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Westboro is some fun stuff!

Where the heck is Hintonburg?

South of Mechanicsville, north of Civic (and east of Hintonburg along Richmond/Wellington).

Coming along Somerset from downtown, you hit Chinatown, then the tracks, then Hintonburg, then Westboro.

OOoh....sorta, Gladstone/Tunney's Pasture sort of area? I looked at an apartment in there once.

Yeah, that's basically the right area, although we're mostly trying to avoid Gladstone. Gladstone has one of the worst reputations for 'seedy' people living/'working' *cough* there, and I'd like to avoid needing to carry a huge knife when I walk home alone at night. ;)

But huge knives are preeeeeeeeeeetty.

well, ok, but the need to carry 'em isn't fun. Crrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeppppppppy people.

Yeah...back when I didn't know Ottawa at all, I looked at that apartment and it was a block off Gladstone, and the landlady was kinda creepy, dressed all in black. There were no provisions for cable or phone, and when she showed us (my dad was with me) the room, it had scrapy marks all over the walls. When I asked what they were from, she said the former tenant had "sort of lost it just before he moved out". Er....yeah.

And she wanted $500/mo for this single room formerly inhabited by a crazy man, with no cable or phone. My dad and I practically ran to the car. I was much happier with my brand new house in Kanata for $400/mo with cable/internet/phone/nice friendly landlord who drove me to the hospital.

the couch is pretty cool. couldn't you splash some colours around it and the other black chairs?! add some artwork, an area rug. seems like that might friendly it up a bit.

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