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Mitel's corporate library

It's a quiet Friday afternoon of a four-day week at the top of August, so it's pretty quiet at work today. I don't really have anything to hack on that I can start, work a couple hours, and put away for three days, so I found myself wandering down to the corporate library for the first time since I started here a year and a half ago.

The library here is pretty small -- about six or seven rows of stacks, half serials and half books, plus a bank of shelves filled with videotapes, DVDs and CDs for self-directed courses. This makes the bookshelves small enough to browse, which is how I spent my afternoon.

They've got a decent selection of books on operating systems, programming languages, programming techniques, math, electrical engineering, telephony, networking, business, law and economics, so I'm a pretty happy camper.

Picked up McKusick's The Design and Implementation of the 4.3BSD UNIX Operating System and Stevens' Unix Network Programming today. (Wanted Advanced Programming in the Unix Environment but they didn't have it.)

Later, plan on picking up Advanced Perl Programming, Steele's Common Lisp, Stevens's TCP Illustrated, Schneier's Applied Cryptography, and a whole bunch more I've already forgotten.

On one hand I'm going "yay, wow, free useful books to borrow and learn from" -- but then I realize that's exactly how it's supposed to work! So I'm still going "Yay, wow, free useful books to borrow and learn from". nyxie is going back to school in the fall and will thus need time in the evenings to work on schoolwork, so I plan on taking the same time and getting up to speed in a bunch of the practical bits I missed when I switched out of CS and into economics. First goals are to get fluent in C again and to be able to understand Unix internals on a medium-high level.

Other suggestions for reading are appreciated. (I've also got SICP at home and might start attacking it too.)


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