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pinkie pie


Rich Lafferty's Journal

(mendelicious mendelusions)

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pinkie pie
jc drew my attention to two articles about naked emperors, all encouraged by the announcement of a recent blogging-freakin'-conference. Looking around I found a few more amusing and quotable bits:

Did I mention that BloggerCon is a Dave Winer exercise?

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I'm enjoying watching various jackasses attempting to enact some kind of social pecking order upon "blogs", while attempting to make endless blather and web-surfing seem like an important endevor...

So Dave, how can *I* leverage my indolence and self-importance into an alpha-male position???

With five hundred bucks!

is it that I just woke up, or does that not make any sense?

It's Winer, what do you expect?

I also feel the need to point out that sam ruby has the WORST LAYOUT EVER. No sir, I don't like reading 12 point verdana in a 250 pixel wide column.

By contrast, the three-day long DefCon event costs just $75 and the excellent CodeCon conference, which also spans a long weekend, costs $95 (or $75 for students). Both are annual events, and bring together a high class international field of luminaries, and regularly make the news.


why is belleville listed as an interest, if i may ask?

I grew up in one of them (Belleville, Ontario). Left in '94 for university, if that's the Belleville you know..

hey, my family lives in belleville. where did you go to university? i went to waterloo for my BA and my MA

Woops, missed this one. I escaped to Montreal and went to McGill, and liked it enough to stay for seven years. :-)

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