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pinkie pie


Rich Lafferty's Journal

(mendelicious mendelusions)

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Random update
pinkie pie
It's been forever since I posted about me. It's always harder to write an interesting post when you've put off posting for a while, so I'm only going to half-heartedly try to be interesting here and concentrate on getting past the Post Barrier.

I'm sure most of you have figured out by now that nyxie and I are not only dating but are living together now (and have been for a couple months). We've moved past the "Eeeeeee!" stage now -- although there are an awful lot of "Eeeee!" moments still -- and have had a handful of disagreements and a bit more stress than usual, and things are still so crazy wonderful and I'm still madly in love and happier than I've been in a very long time and wheeeeeeeeeeeee. Ok, so maybe I'm still in an "Eeeee!" stage but this one seems pretty permanent, really.

Work is a little tense these days -- while usually I welcome the summer doldrums as a chance to relax a bit while getting paid, the inevitable drop in workload at the end of August has been met this year with a paranoid mix of "I must find things to do so that I will not appear to be expendable" and "Holy cow, this is boring". This mostly leads to disorganization and misprioritization and blargh. There's a state-of-the-nation meeting coming up soon though, so I hope I'll at least get a picture of where things are at then; unfortunately those are almost always immediately preceded by a round of layoffs if necessary. Over beer after work with coworkers tonight I realized that I'm a bit more secure than I thought I was, really -- I'd been nervous because my new manager talks to us maybe once every two weeks, and it turns out that that's more a matter of him not understanding what we do, since we're a Unix group dedicated to customer-facing machines providing one product, and he's an NT/Notes guy in central IT.

The summer went by too quickly what with all the adapting going on around our place. I really must get out and do more. I plan on manifesting this primarily in rollerblades, local indie rock shows, and repertory cinema films. And posting more often. Really.

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aww :3

So does "eeee!" stage = honeymoon stage? ;P

Whoa, did I miss something? :-)

"Eeeee!" is really closer to a crush, I think, but we're a ways beyond that now. It's just that the feeling stuck around.

I thought by "Eeeeee!" you meant "Eeeeee! There's someone in my kitchen!" or "Eeeeee! there's someone in my bathroom!". I have new renters right now, and I'm having "issues" adapting. PEOPLE! I tell you PEOPLE! IN MY KITCHEN!


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