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And what would my posts be without me going on about more music I've bought, anyhow?

So I was down in Montreal last weekend -- maybe I'll write about that later, as it was interesting in many, many ways -- and amongst other things stopped into the HMV there to pick up some things that I can't easily find here in Ottawa.

Immediately before the HMV, we stopped in Urban Outfitters where nyxie bought herself a cute t-shirt with bugs on it. They were playing old White Stripes, so when I got to HMV I decided I should buy some old White Stripes, and since there were two albums prior to White Blood Cells nyxie and I each bought one -- I got their eponymous debut album, and she got De Stijl.

Now, you may remember that I was raving previously about how on Elephant the family White slipped into some solid blues playing amongst their power pop. Now I see that White Blood Cells was really the exception of the four -- I'd almost consider their debut album as representative of modern (Jon Spencer et al) blues as I would of "Fell In Love With A Girl"-style indie rock, and De Stijl isn't far off. If you enjoyed "Ball and a Biscuit" on Elephant, check out the early stuff. You'll enjoy it.

Also bought the Raveonettes' Chain Gang Of Love, a great followup to their previous album Whip It On -- you can hear just enough Jesus and Mary Chain and Cramps in there to make it interesting but it is distinctively (all Bb, all less than three minutes, no more than three chords) Raveonette. Must pick up new Holly Golightly (yay!) soon.

Unfortunately this month's Magnet magazine, their 10th Anniversary issue, features a bunch of lists of influential recordings from the magazine's lifetime, office favorites, oft-overlooked recordings that shouldn't be, and so forth, and now I want to hear them all.


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