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Now that I'm alone at work, I'm listening to a lot more music. I've got a bunch of my CDs ripped to my hard drive, but that's not always what I want at work, so I often turn to Internet radio.

Unfortunately, we don't have a huge pipe at work. A 56 kbps stream works great; a 128kbps can be spotty sometimes but is usually ok; a 160kbps stream isn't very usable. (A 24kbps stream sounds awful.)

So I've got a bunch of old favorites that I listen to, like Monkey Radio (triphop, acid jazz, downtempo), SomaFM (a whole bunch of channels, from IDM and indiepop to secret agent music and old-time country), and Philosomatika (psychedelic trance, great for work but 160kbps).

Anyhow, I want more options than that. Specifically I want music that's good to listen to at work -- I find SomaFM's Groove Salad to be great background music and Philosomatika to be good get-crap-done music when it works, for instance. I'd prefer to listen to them with xmms, so I'd rather ShoutCast-based stations than Real or Windows Media-based ones.

So, with all the above in mind, what 'net radio stations should I be listening to?


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