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ICANN gets serious about SiteFinder

This letter from the CEO of ICANN to the General Manager of Verisign insists that the latter deactivate their SiteFinder service by 6 PM PDT (GMT-0700) on October 4th. I'm pleased to see that they've decided to take positive action on this instead of just hoping, because it seemed pretty clear that Verisign wasn't going to voluntarily shut it down.

(For those just tuning in, SiteFinder is a controversial cash grab service that Verisign has recently implemented in the .com and .net TLDs which, when one tries to look up an address in the DNS that does not exist, returns the address of one of Verisign's own systems which then presents a paid-results search engine. The general consensus of network operators was that this broke things badly by not returning an error when an error should occur and that they were unfairly taking advantage of their limited monopoly on those TLDs. Earlier responses by ICANN were weakly-worded requests to disable SiteFinder which Verisign ignored.)


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