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pinkie pie


Rich Lafferty's Journal

(mendelicious mendelusions)

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Ah, darkness.
happy mannequin, happy
The last two rounds of layoffs, plus a subsequent round of cubicle moves, has left my cubicle surrounded on two sides by empty ones, on the third side by a cubicle-hall and cubicle-wall, and on the fourth side by an outside window.

Until about five minutes ago, there was a fluorescent light fixture directly above my head. Now, there is a fluorescent dark fixture there. Much better. I don't dislike light; I just dislike fluorescent light.

Now I just need to get myself a little incandescent lamp for my desk so that I can get light there without turning on the under-desk fluorescents and I'm all set. Ikea's got a cute little $10 one, I think. Besides, most days I get lots of natural light from the side.

Unfortunately, there's still a bit of fluorescent light coming over the cubicle wall from the next group of cubicles but there's nothing I can really do about that, unless I were to extend the cubicle wall upwards with a sheet or a tent of doom or something. I actually have a whole spare cubicle wall right here, but I don't think you can build upwards with them.

Edit: Or a Jolly Roger. There's a long history of flags here, although they've all come down in the last little while. A Jolly Roger might work just fine, though, or some similarly dark flag.

I considered using a big whiteboard as a lid, but that would make it feel cramped, and it is currently a huge cubicle because the end of one cubicle-hallway has become part of my cubicle, and because the hallway between the cubicle and the window (from which I removed the spare cubicle wall) is practically unused.

Also: Getting the plastic sheet back in the light fixture is so much harder than getting it out.

I'm now late to meet nyxie for coffee after work/school, but she will understand when I tell her that I was redesigning my cubicle.

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Eclipse lights are always nice. I have one in my office and the indirect light it generates is the absolute best!


I'm available

Talk to the powers that be - I'm available to resume my old desk and I'll bring back my Aussie flag too :)

How about a nice piece of stained glass to filter the flouro? :)

I fought tooth and nail for darkness in my field of vision at ADP. You may remember my rants on #Perl, in fact. I finally won after threatening them with the ADA...the light was giving me crazy headaches, I said I could go and get diagnosed as 'light-sensitive' and then FORCE them legally to put me back in an office.

A real office.

See, the threat came about when they assigned me the printer closet as an office. I had bad times with them at ADP, but I'd sure like that job security back....

Congrats on a workspace you like better. This post reminds me so much of ADP it hurts. Right down to the black cloth over the top of the cube. My petition for that was flatly denied, of course, but GMTA...

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