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pinkie pie


Rich Lafferty's Journal

(mendelicious mendelusions)

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pinkie pie
Hot Hot Heat in concertWhee! nyxie and I found out on Friday night that Vancouver's Hot Hot Heat will be playing in Ottawa on December 4th. I've wanted to see Hot Hot Heat live as long as I've known their music, but they didn't make it out east that often, and we now have two tickets for their show. These guys are one of my favorite bands, so it should be a great one.

The Eels in concertWhile we were at Record Runner buying the tickets, we noticed that the Eels will be playing Barrymore's this Wednesday night, and bought tickets to that one too. They're also going to be featuring MC Honky but that's not particularly surprising, given that he and the lead singer of the Eels have never been seen together, if you get my drift.

Greatly looking forward to both shows. Now I just need to see The White Stripes, The Weekend, and The Sounds, and my current live-music wishlist is complete. (Not holding my breath.)

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My brother has somewhat higher plans - he says once he sees the Rolling Stones and Kid Rock live, his life will be complete.

He should have gone to SarsStock...

Rolling Stones? Yow, better hurry!

Yay Eels! Yay Hot Hot Heat!

Oh my... delp everywhere

Good ol' Eels. Wasn't E committed or something? 'Cause he's all messed up in the head.

I really like your journal and I wanna add you.

The nifty thing about LiveJournal is that you don't need approval. :-)

I just thought I'd let you know instead of being all uhh... just adding you and stuff.. yeah i just woke up. -add-

i do love those boys :) i'm going to try and get up to vancouver bc to see their show.

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