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Rich Lafferty's Journal

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Mozex: external application hooks for Mozilla
happy mannequin, happy
I'm currently composing this post in vim. When I'm done, it's going to be posted via the web update form in Mozilla, without using cut and paste.

This is thanks to what is now my favoritest Mozilla extension yet: Mozex lets you specify external applications for viewing source, editing textboxes, mail, IRC, AIM, FTP, and news, as well as letting you specify a single universal handler for schemes that Mozilla does not know how to support. The external applications are called via a context menu, so you can always get the standard behaviour as well; it also lets you force the external application on mail:, irc:, telnet:, news:, and ftp: schemes.

Right now, I've configured it to use vim in an xterm for viewing source and for editing textboxes, xchat for irc links, and an xterm which connects to a remote host over ssh and starts mutt for mailto: links. The last one made me go "Oooh" the most.

Mozex is available for Unix (I'm using it in Linux) and Windows, for recent versions of Mozilla and Firebird.

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Even better would be if a browser finally went ahead with making textboxes not suck. I'd like a little more robustness please.

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