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Yay! Table.

I bought a dining-room table this weekend. Also chairs! The whole shebang looks like this:

dining room table

Ages ago nyxie and I saw this table in Zone, a local furniture and home accessories boutique. There, it cost $215: $125 for a 36" glass top, and $90 for the base. We had added that to the list of furniture to buy when we start buying furniture, but hadn't done anything more.

I happened to notice on Friday that the local modern furniture store Philip van Leeuwen was having a sale on tables and chairs, and I stopped in to see what they had, and they had the table illustrated above. With four chairs. For $189 for all of it.

Needless to say I came home and told nyxie, and we went down with a cheque to use for furniture that my father gave me for my birthday and bought a set. We picked it up on Saturday and had dinner on it Saturday night, after months of eating at the coffee table. It's a nice change.

I have no idea how we got such a good deal. The tabletop is a little cheaper than Zone's (no bevelled edges), but the base is identical. The chairs are pretty cheap, but we planned on getting four different chairs from well-known designers later, and it's nice to have something to sit on until we find exactly what we want later (and they're stackable, so we can keep them around as extra seating after we replace them). I did notice that they had an awful lot of these sets at the warehouse, and that they had never had them on display before, so I suspect they managed to come up with some liquidation purchase or something. In any case, I'm not complaining.


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