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Apartment! [ #778 ]

Whee! I have a new place. All that stuff people were saying about Ottawa's rough rental market and low vacancy rate must have applied to a different Ottawa, as it took me precisely one day and three apartment visits to find two places that were acceptable, and I took one of them. I find out tomorrow if my credit check passed, and then I have a new home!

The I hate moving! rant will follow.

Right now, I'm sad because I'm catless. Rasha is staying at my mother's place so that my landlord can show people my apartment without the cat. (If you know someone who wants to sublet a nice 1-bedroom in Montreal as of Oct 1, do let me know.)

But whee, new place found. Considerably less stress now.

[Reposted in November 2003 from my short-lived journal on Use Perl.]

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