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Ancient history

My past haunts me!

I got my LiveJournal in March 2002. As you can see there, my first few posts weren't exactly in my current style; truth be told I really didn't think I'd write much at all here. stimps gave me a LiveJournal code that I was sure I was going to use to maintain a friends list, and I ended up posting rarely anyhow. April has even fewer posts.

Looking back to then and reading what I wrote amuses me, but then I remembered -- before LiveJournal, I had a journal on Use Perl, which aside from being a website about Perl is also Chris "Pudge" Nandor's test platform for Slash, the code that powers Slashdot. He encouraged everyone on #perl to get a journal just to get people testing a new feature.

I found my old journal there and was sufficiently amused by the two days' worth of posts that were there that I have reposted them, backdated, here. You can see them here.

I apologize in advance.

(Also, while researching this, I found the journals here of a couple of guys from the Horde Project that I used to work on. Neat.)


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