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Mirrors Needed

Ok, here's the deal. I need you to mirror something for me.

The appropriate weaslawyers found this little parody I mirror.

About six months ago the guy at got a cease-and-desist letter and replaced his archive with a link to mine. Yep, he essentially said I've taken them down but they're here now, and it took six months for the weaslawyers to get to mine.

So this strikes me as an evolutionary-stable strategy: I take it down and link to the next site. Of course, for this to work, there there needs to be at least two new mirrors, and one link, for each site taken down.

(Canada's nowhere near as friendly as the US to parody sites, so I'm not going to risk leaving it up for too much longer.)

So, here's what you can do to help me out.

1. Everyone should download the archive (500kb) and store it on their hard drive, so that if for some reason these all dry up, someone can get it going again. (There's also a tar file if you prefer that.)

2. People that are willing to have a bit of a hassle a year from now should download the archive and put it up on the Web. You can decide whether or not to block search engines, but I encourage you to let them find it. (Let me know if you need help blocking search engines.)

3. Troublemakers and people in distant lands should download the archive, put it up on the web, and send me mail letting me know that I can link to it. You will almost certainly get a letter from a lawyer at some point, but they don't actually do anything, they just make threats, you get tired of them, and you take it down.

Thanks for your help! Feel free to let me know what you did even if it's not accessible.


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