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I'm a bit of a language nut -- the sort that not only reads usage guides for fun, but contrasts them for fun -- and I've wanted A Dictionary Of Canadianisms on Historical Principles (Walter Avis et al., eds; Toronto: W.J. Gage, 1967) for some time, but best as I can tell it only made one edition, and has thus been out of print for longer than my lifetime.

nyxie was talking about used textbooks earlier tonight, and that reminded me of, the used-bookseller clearinghouse (which, I should note, is Canadian, based in Victoria, BC). While her search didn't turn up anything, it made me think to check for Canadianisms, and I hit a jackpot -- sixteen copies available, about two thirds of which were from Canada, and two of which are within an hour's drive from here.

I picked one in near-fine condition and ordered it. The bookseller works from his home, so it'll still come to me in the mail, but it will do so from a town about 70 km south of here, which pleases me. The transaction is brokered through Abebooks, which means they're probably skimming a bit off the top, but which also means I don't have to trust a small bookseller to get the Internet-payments thing done right.

Can you imagine how annoying it would have been to track down that book before the Internet came along? Even if I'd known that this bookseller existed, the title isn't much of a collector's book, so it may or may not have appeared in his catalogue, and so on. Abebooks is one of those things done right.

I'll be sure to let you all know how the transaction went, for the benefit of those of you who (like me!) have never used Abebooks before.

In other news, I am currently listening to some amazing jazz vocal renditions of Icelandic folk tunes and American jazz standards by a young Icelandic woman named Björk Guðmundsdóttir, with whom you might be on a first-name basis. The album, Gling-Gló, predates Debut by a few years, but it's definitely our Björk, even though the music isn't pjarticularly cjaracteristic of her style at all. It's listenable, familiar, and surreal.


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