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ISP from hell.

So I've been fighting 6-12s latency and 80% packet loss from my ISP, the appropriately-named IStop. While waiting for packets to arrive, I decided to check out their network status page, and then I had to catch my breath from laughing so hard.

I was going to leave excerpts here, but you really need to see the whole thing. The newest entires are at the top, so start reading the status page from the bottom.

Since they may have once again fallen off the 'net when you read this, I've saved a copy of the log.

Subscriber to the NANOG list will understand when I note that IStop is Ralph Doncaster's company.

I'm going to find a new ISP tomorrow. If you're in Ottawa and have opinions about IGS, Cyberus or Magma, lemme know.

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