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pinkie pie


Rich Lafferty's Journal

(mendelicious mendelusions)

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flooded with upcoming live shows
Yow, what YEAR is it? David Bowie and Cyndi Lauper are (independently) playing in Ottawa in the next month or so. I think I will see the former, although Cyndi Lauper with Martha Wainwright would be an experience as well.

But I also want to see the Irish Descendants and Great Big Sea and maybe the Rheostatics, all also playing within the next month (and pass on the Barenaked Ladies, who I got to see in Montreal when they were taping a concert video there after Gordon, and who I have been slightly disappointed with since Gordon, alas), and all of that plus Cyndi might be a bit much.

Must remember to order earplugs soon. It took my ears uncomfortably long to recover from Hot Hot Heat.

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Craparoonie, David Bowie tickets are $50-$90. It's so seldom that I want to see an arena show that I forget how much people pay to see music. Yay for good bands in clubs!

Yeah, I agree. I've been spoiled by seeing obscure acts in obscure places and then when they go and get all famous I can't get as excited about seeing them in a place that holds 1000s and charges five times as much. Also ditto on the Barenaked Ladies; I, too, believe that Gordon is their finest work.

i have open plans to get all John-Hughes-ed up for Cyndi's next show around here. i plan to be wearing a vest, a felt hat, and 400 lbs of jelly bracelets which i will through at her during the whole show.

yeah, she THINKS she can escape the 80s. NUH UH!

Those are some hightech earplugs! Earlier this evening I noticed a pair up @ my Dad's place - Just the spongy kind - And they have racing stripes on them. Have to add that to Found Objects =P

I used to know the guitarist for Cyndi's pre-fame band, Blue Angel. I went to see him play in a band featuring mostly ex-Blue Angel players, and she showed up and sang a bunch of numbers with them. She is way cool.

If you do go see her, and Deni Bonet is playing violin for her, tell Deni I said hi. That should surprise her, as I don't spend a lot of time in ottowa. :-)

so are you saying i shouldn't harass her with my fab 80s gear when she comes near town next?

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