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Here's my results from googlism. There were no results for 'Rich Lafferty'.

mendel is now the most comprehensive package for the statistical analysis of oligogenic traits
mendel is a wine store on ben
mendel is the archetype of the scientist whose ideas are ahead of his time
mendel is born
mendel is currently licensing weathergard? genes
mendel is his own person and very solitary
mendel is a member of the american academy of estate planning attorneys
mendel is largely autonomous
mendel is known as the "father of genetics"
mendel is caused by a transp0son
mendel is a seasoned software executive who will help guide knowledge revolution in its next phase of rapid growth
mendel is in the process of relaunching
mendel is the director of the training and technical assistance services here at western
mendel is called the law of segregation the two alleles for each

mendel is very much like me

mendel is in
mendel is a fortran 77 program for the genetic analysis of human pedigree data under models involving a small number of loci
mendel is acclaimed as being a first in character ai
mendel is the bitter
mendel is a pessimist
mendel is an analyst focusing on networking and it management issues as well as on management of consulting projects
mendel is very simple to play

mendel is not only careful
mendel is a parable

mendel is now available for you to download
mendel is very simply told
mendel is characteristic of organisms with two sets of chromosomes
mendel is observing a cube where all the sides are the same size
mendel is an american journalist based in southern spain
mendel is perhaps the greatest hole in this game
mendel is a cheerful
mendel is still taught
mendel is a dismissive comment by the editor
mendel is often portrayed as a recluse
mendel is coming off a breakout season
mendel is as dumb as a bag of hammers
mendel is an intermediate
mendel is so bad
mendel is dear to us as a friend and respected for his kashrus knowledge
mendel is stated in the law of independent assortment
mendel is one of the world's leading contemporary photojournalists

mendel is made up from the most basic shapes

mendel is
mendel is honored in a multitude of places
mendel is located in the evolution region of the sierra
mendel is now
mendel is shoemaker
mendel is deputy chief of staff
mendel is not like a bottom student at many other schools that i could name
mendel is a route finding problem
mendel is an interactive sound/visual entity
mendel is in than mendel itself
mendel is against such non
mendel is the bumbling yet lovable caretaker of the chelm synagogue
mendel is above evolution lake in the background

mendel is one of the least recognised of the truly great
mendel is the funny


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