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pinkie pie


Rich Lafferty's Journal

(mendelicious mendelusions)

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I bought a guitar!
I bought a guitar!


It's an OLP MM1, which is a licensed entry-level copy of the Ernie Ball Axis made overseas.

I'm getting it secondhand (but only barely) from a friend who moved on to a Les Paul Jr. pretty much right away. It's coming from Texas, so it'll probably show up towards the beginning of next week.

While I've played bass semi-pro I've never got past fooling around with guitars, and found myself suffering on my poor-condition old Kay archtop, so this will be a nice new start. I need to pick up a practice amp, though, and solicit recommendations -- I'm leaning toward a Pignose or a Vox Pathfinder, but advice is welcomed. I imagine I'll be playing mostly blues and alt-rock but poking at other styles.

Yay, new toy! I've been thinking of picking up an electric guitar for years (since I was back in Montreal, at least), so I'm really looking forward to this.

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Neato Mosquito! and its purple!

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