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pinkie pie


Rich Lafferty's Journal

(mendelicious mendelusions)

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happy mannequin, happy
nyxie and I decided to use this flash-based avatar creator to make avatars of ourselves and each other:


nyxie's avatar of me:

My avatar of me:

My avatar of nyxie:

nyxie's avatar of herself:

nyxie's reaction to my avatar of her:

I also did two animated avatars of nyxie.

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That was fun to play with. Reminds me of the southpark one, but better. You should make the Nyxie's reaction one animated.. With blinking eyes or something =P

I saw your avatars on google...They're funny!

Love, Peace and Chicken Grease

Re: hiya

The site is offline :S
I cant make another avatar :(
Any1 has the program on its hard disc ??
Or will the site be back soon ??


Re: hiya

what is the site where u make those again??

Re: hiya

Look here : http://zen-ink.org/lj/dookyweb-facemaker.swf

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