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Musical toys

March is shaping up to be New Musical Toys Month here. Last weekend (shush, technicality) I received an Overton tinwhistle from Colin Goldie, the maker of Overtons, as a gift thanking me for the time I've put into the Chiff and Fipple Tinwhistle Forum, part of Dale Wisely's Chiff and Fipple site. An Overton is easily one of the nicest-playing and well-engineered whistles available these days, and it's got me playing tinwhistle quite a bit again. I'd always played nothing but inexpensive whistles, and Colin's generosity has truly spoiled me now!

Then, today, the UPS man barely arrived with my present to myself -- the guitar I mentioned earlier. I say "barely" because of the condition of the box and the hard case it came in -- UPS did their best to do their worst but failed. I've got a couple of photos of the guitar and of the hole in the case here. I've got a lot to learn but I'm getting around on it decently already.

Need to go amp shopping tomorrow.


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