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pinkie pie


Rich Lafferty's Journal

(mendelicious mendelusions)

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Right, I *needed* more IRC.
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I have a RIM Blackberry 957, a little always-connected PDA-and-pager combo that work provides for on-call and entertainment value. They pay for flat-rate connectivity too, so I figure I might as well get some personal use out of it.

And what better personal use than being able to IRC from anywhere?

Unfortunately, it's not directly connected to the 'net -- any Internet-based applications on it have to communicate with gateway applications at the provider, via WAP. But it comes with a decent web browser, so for all practical purposes, the thing can speak email, WAP, and HTTP.

So I found Alan Cox's 'wapirc', which with a bit of tweaking works pretty well -- the IRC server and nickname are compile-time settings, so it's a little limited, but it's limitations I can live with. And the WAP was specific to his phone, so I've fixed that a bit too.

So anyhow, I can now IRC from anywhere. But I'm staring at this source code, thinking that it'd be neat if it did THIS and THAT and the OTHER THING. But it's a daemon and a CGI program in C. C is not a pretty language for writing things CGI in.

This means I have three choices:

  • Use it as-is.
  • Brush up on C well enough to maintain this.
  • Port the whole thing to Perl.

The second and third option have the advantage of giving me a neat project to work on; there's really nothing else like this out there, and I get the feeling Alan's not planning on preparing for general release. The first option has the advantage of not needing a bunch of effort for something that pretty much already works for me.

WWMLJFD? (And would any of you find a wap-irc gateway useful?)

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I really need a wap > irc client??

Hi there, I really need a wap to irc client, I tried the one you did but it is hopeless for me.. do you know of _any_ others?
chris AT ediblematchbox.net

Re: I really need a wap > irc client??

Nope -- otherwise I wouldn't have been fighting with wapirc myself.

Hello, no I maintain wapirc project, and updated and more functionality having version you can find here http://tvilda.stilius.net/wapirc/ (http://tvilda.stilius.net/wapirc/)

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