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Flooterbuck infobot v1.2 released

Exciting news for infobot-lovers everywhere:

We've just released flooterbuck v1.2, which is the first release in Quite Some Time. No more of this "Don't get the release, get a CVS checkout", no sirree -- 1.2 is the first release of a Release Early, Release Often strategy that will hopefully last longer than one release.

A list of changes in 1.2 is available. Note that there is a good chance you missed 1.1 if you only watched the webpage and not the files area on Sourceforge, since both dagbrown and I missed it, and we're two of the three people actively working on the project -- so be sure to note the 1.1 part of the changelog too.

For those just tuning in, flooterbuck is an infobot, very closely based on Kevin Lenzo's original, which is explicitly not a huge rewrite project -- just a matter of fixing bugs and trimming bits here and there and refactoring when a block of code becomes sufficiently offensive that there is no other way. The goal is a fun bot to play with while avoiding second-system effect and vaporware.

halfjack, fimmtiu -- don't suppose you'd be interested in basing pea on floot? If, y'know, you're bored. The more testbots I use regularly, the merrier, and since part of the idea of floot here is "make adding functionality straightforward", it'll be easy to keep pea-specific bits pea-specific.


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