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Ok then!

Fine! Desktop meme!

Why that background? It's easy on the eyes. Occasionally I'll use a background generated by

perl -e '$x=int(rand(5))+2;$y=int(rand(5))+2;print "P3\n$x $y\n255\n";
print int(rand(128))," " for(1..$x*$y*3);print "\n";'|
pnmrotate $[RANDOM] |xv -root -max -quit +noresetroot -smooth -
instead, which I got from dagbrown.

Why is your toolbar where it is? Well, erm, it's not one, really. Menus appear when I click on the desktop. I don't use the workspace thing at the bottom at all, except as a clock.

Why the choices on your toolbar are present: Well, erm, there aren't any, really. :-)

What the desktop icons are: Absent by design.

Well, that was fun. To make up for it, I give you Hello Kitty bento.


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