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mysql replication

brad's mysqlcon presentation has me thinking out some of the ways we (mis)use MySQL replication at Mitel. Most of it comes down to working on elegance -- in a lot of places I think I'm doing things that work as intended, but are pretty far away from the Right Way. So now I'm trying a whole bunch of things to build confidence in the Right Way of doing things.

In doing so I have come to the following conclusions:

  • For databases of non-trivial size and indices, mysqldump is not useful, because rebuilding the indices takes ridiculously long compared to any solutions that involve copying around raw data (replication, mysqlhotcopy, stop/cp/start).
  • For replication over a WAN rather than a LAN, LOAD DATA FROM MASTER is not useful because it takes so long and so much bandwidth compared to locking, taking a local snapshot, unlocking, rsyncing to the slave, and resetting master and slave binlogs.
Thoughts? For the record, we're still all MyISAM, with our largest tables about 1.5GB (and the whole database about 5GB) and sites connected via a ~2Mb VPN over the Internet.

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