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pinkie pie


Rich Lafferty's Journal

(mendelicious mendelusions)

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For god's sake, it's web mail with a really big quota!

I realize this would've been more timely a couple weeks ago when the Google GMail hype was at its peak, but people are still going on about this. Jeremy nails it in the post linked above.

Didn't we learn from Orkut?

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I'd like to point out that this would be a perfect situation for the use of Trackback, were it implemented here. At least, this is what I use it for ;)

The only thing that I can see GMail being good at for me is an email address I can depend on. Right now, I'm looking at leaving school next semester - far before I planned to before - and thinking "Oh crap. The email address I've been using as my main one for the past two years is going away." There are times when I don't feel comfortable using the forwarding service I have (LJ), don't want to use something that's associated with the name it carries (Yahoo/Hotmail), and don't have a "main" email address I can depend on (UIUC). Gmail to me avoids the branding that the other services have recieved (Thus far, not that it never will). That would be my only use for it - being able to have an account where things can go (Bugzilla installs, and the like) and not worry about the address fading away.

That's why you should use

It's funny you should say that -- an address fading away is exactly why I wouldn't use a free email service. I got tired of playing musical email addresses a while ago, and switched to using pobox (even before I knew freeside, whose baby pobox is), and a while after that I just got my own domain name and was done with it. :-)

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