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Random update

Yay, new icon for me! Bought their Greatest Hits the other day and wish I'd had it around years ago.

I haven't posted about me in a while, so let me summarize. February and March were rough in a million tiny little ways that added up to a lot; I had a series of (unrelated) medical problems which led to sufficient antibiotics to leave me pretty blah after they'd done their work. That's all clearing up now leading to a much happier mendel; I'm a little hypersensitive to being in poor health for any reason and it's hard not to put life on hold while I deal.

Work's going very well -- I'm now very much a member of the server group in IT at Mitel, and while I'm still the point person for the stuff brought over by e-smith, I'm starting to take on a lot of projects for existing and new infrastructure. This means I'm back on Solaris a lot again, plus a bit of HP/UX and a bit of Windows. Lots of catching up to do across the board after years of Linux and Digital Unix before that. It's refreshing to be working on that class of system again; while things are a bit more organic than I'd prefer, the scope reflects Concordia's pretty closely so it's all pretty familiar.

On a related note I've been picking C back up again, having hardly written anything in it from scratch since deciding academic comp sci was not my thing. I'm pretty stale but it's all coming back, and I'm finding trivial a bunch of things that I was completely stuck on back then, which is a refreshing feeling. I still haven't found an appropriate itch needing scratching to get myself to apply myself in C, though.

On the e-smith side it's pretty clear that the big outstanding operational problem is going to be MySQL; I'm replacing a lot of ad-hockery with more correct tools, and I've got Jeremy Zawodny's new High Performance MySQL on the way, and it's nice to know that forecasted scalability problems are going to stick to one domain, but the culture surrounding MySQL is really, really frustrating. MySQL has an odd learning curve; working with the system (the "hello world" equivalent) requires understanding a whole bunch of concepts at once, and then it's smooth sailing for a long time, and then you hit the reliability/availability/performance wall and it gets hard again. I'm hitting that wall, but the majority of the documentation and newsgroup and mailing list traffic tends to be aimed at the people trying to bootstrap themselves. Incidentally I think I would make a good R&D toolsmith if the whole sysadmin thing doesn't work out somehow.

nyxie and I recently celebrated our tenth month together, and things are every bit as wonderful as ever. Sometimes I have trouble believing that I could find someone who fits with me so well, and vice versa. I'm a pretty lucky guy. It's funny that I write so much about work and so little about my personal life, but that's all just comfort levels, and nothing should be read into it.

Guitar's coming nicely but I'm plateauing. I think I need lessons for the discipline and direction. I also need to get equipment to record myself; with a drum machine I could put something together to post, but I need mics and preamps. Then again, I hear the lo-fi scene is big. Maybe I should find a computer mic and go wild. I haven't played much bass or flute for a while, though -- it all comes in phases, I guess.

As a reward for reading the whole thing, have an addictive flash game. I can't get much past 14000.


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